About Naifei

Born in Taiwan, 1989. Lives and works in London, Berlin and Taipei.

Naifei is an emerging artist, working primarily in video, installation, web projects, and other process-based, post-studio practices. Centering around topics such as translation, mediation, empirical experiences and cognitive models, an inter-personal approach is often employed in her works in the form of playful and open-ended frameworks that invite participation from the public.


I can not imagine a life without encounters. What would I be? I would be a desolated island. A complete blankness. Without encounters, I would not be able to understand myself, nor would I be capable of making sense of the world. 

Every one of us is like a little planet. We are all alone, in a huge empty space. We are confined in our orbits—our own subjective realities. The world doesn’t exist outside of ourselves; the world exists within. Only when our realities collide, do we start to form a common one—a shared reality that is constructed, temporary or presumably at the state of constant changing. It is, however, no less real than anything. It is where our world of meaning starts. 

Through my works, I want to create a space where the intersection of different subjectivities—different “selves”— is possible. A place that is comfortable and fun for participation to occur, for people to generate shared experiences and to conceive meanings throughout the process. It can be a physical location, or a virtual one. It can last for several seconds, or spread over months. It can be anything. Anything that stretches ourselves a little bit further so that we touch or contain each other for at least an ephemeral moment. 






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