The Storyteller #2 (in Progress) 

Participatory projects, sound and light installation, dimension variable, 2017
In collaboration with Yiu-Chang Lin (林佑蒼) and Robin Hsieh (謝宗翰). 

Commissioned and produced by Light Night Leeds and Quays Culture, Salford as part of the SHINE programme.
Supported by National Culture and Arts Foundation, Taiwan.



  1. How do I submit the story? 
    You could submit your story via the forms provided earlier.

  2. How are the stories chosen?
    A random generator will choose around 5-10 stories.

  3. How long does it take for me to tell you the story?
    It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hours for us to go there, listen to your story, and record it. 

  4. How will the story be used?
    The story will be integrated into a conversational mechanism that allows people to talk to and know more about you. 
    👉With your consent, we can adjust the conversation as you like. 

  5. How will the robot look? 
    I hope the robot could look a bit like you. 🤖 Not realistically though. It would be a cartoon-like robot baring some of your features -- big eyes, long hair, sporty, melancholy, etc. 

  6. When will the robot be built and showcased?
    The work will be showcased at Light Night Leeds during 5-6 October and Lightwaves 2017 during 8-17 December in the UK.

  7. How will the audience experience the work? 
    The audience have to do a bit of "treasure hunt" to find all robots in the city and discover the personal stories to the places!


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