The Storyteller 

Participatory projects, sound and light installation, dimension variable, 2017
In collaboration with Yiu-Chang Lin (林佑蒼) and Robin Hsieh (謝宗翰). 


Do you have a favorite spot in Berlin? A place where you had unforgettable memories? A street corner where you bumped into luck and inspiration? Or a space loaded with sorrow and regret? 

Berlin is a city not only rich in shared histories but also full of colorful personal stories. It never bores me. Its vibrant energy fascinates me, for I know that there are captivating narratives to each street corner, each alley, each square and even to the most banal scenes. 

In the project Storyteller, people are invited to share stories about places that are meaningful to them in Berlin. Interactive robots, as embodiments of the participants, would be installed at these locations to tell their stories when people walk by. In their mechanic monotonous voices, I hope the passersby would enjoy the beauty of each story as I do, as well as the fun of “treasure-hunting” and interacting with the robots. 

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